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Find a Sponsor in Dubai, UAE

For foreign entrepreneurs and companies aiming to launch their products in the UAE's mainland market, the most important step would be getting a local sponsor. UAE's commercial laws require a local sponsor who is Emirati (UAE national) assist in setting up and running your business. This guide intends to take you through how to find a dependable local sponsor in Dubai.

Understanding the Role of a Local Sponsor

As per the UAE law for specific kinds of firms, a majority share of 51% in a company based in the mainland must be held by a local partner. However, actual control of the company may be organized differently from control for purposes of laws in order to enable foreign investors to maintain the control over the running of a business and its financial rights.

Types of Local Sponsors in Dubai
  1. Corporate Sponsorship

    A UAE national owned company that is a sponsor of your business. The latter feature is usually the reason for its attractiveness due to its clear-cut corporate structure and liability limitations.

  2. Individual Sponsorship

    Your company is backed by only one Emirati individual. More personal backing is likely with this option but it has to be carefully chosen so that mutual trust can be established and it’s safe too.

  3. Local Service Agent

    Companies in need of companies that don't necessarily have to be fifty-one percent local with no obligation to receive a stake can get assistance on compliance and licensing issues.

How to Find a Local Sponsor in Dubai
  1. Networking

    Use Dubai’s available business networks, industry events, and professional associations to find potential sponsors. There is value in personal recommendations.

  2. Consultancy Firms

    In Dubai, you can be linked to reliable local sponsors by certain specialized companies offering business setup advice services. This is because they comprehend your business requirements and are able to find you a sponsor that suits you best.

  3. Legal Due Diligence

    When you spot an individual or organization that you think could be interested in sponsoring you, be sure to conduct a thorough investigation of their credibility, business background and reputation. Ideally, consult with a legal practitioner to help you understand what effects a sponsorship agreement would have on you.

  4. Negotiating Terms

    Make sure to delineate your agreement’s terms with the area sponsor significantly such as his/her role or responsibilities as well as the financial deal· Use legal contracts in detailing each part of that sponsorship deal to shun displeasures later on.

  5. Governmental Platforms

    Certain governmental platforms and business councils provide services or directories that help in the identification of local sponsors for foreign investors. They may act as a starting point for the new people in Dubai's market.

Why Choose Deals Business Solutions?

We get it: If you aren’t a UAE national or holder of a UAE passport and wish to start a company in Dubai, finding the right local sponsor could be a nightmare. At Deals Business Solutions, we provide personalized assistance on how to find a local sponsor in Dubai who is specialized on financial matters and whose values are similar to yours. Our task force is designed to offer a helping hand concerning the securing of a trustworthy local sponsor whose interests and objectives are similar to yours as well as ensuring you get personal support from A to Z.

Our services include:

  • Identifying a suitable local sponsor in Dubai

  • Negotiating sponsorship terms and agreements

  • Drafting legal contracts and documentation

  • Ensuring compliance with UAE business laws

  • Facilitating business setup and operational support

You can rely on a committed local sponsor for Dubai based businesses with Deals Business Solutions. Reach out to us today if you’re interested in learning about our sponsorship offerings and how we can assist you in setting up a successful business in the UAE.

Considerations for Choosing a Local Sponsor
  • Alignment of Interests

    Choose a sponsor whose interests align with your business goals and who understands your industry.

  • Legal and Financial Independence

    Ensure the sponsorship agreement preserves your operational control and financial independence.

  • Transparency and Communication

    A transparent and communicative sponsor can significantly ease your business setup and ongoing operations.


Finding the right local sponsor in Dubai is a process that requires careful consideration, due diligence, and strategic planning. A trustworthy and aligned local sponsor can not only facilitate your business setup but can also provide valuable insights and support for navigating the local market. Engaging with professional consultancy services can streamline this process, offering peace of mind and allowing you to focus on growing your business in Dubai.

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