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Deals Business Solutions is a One-Stop-Shop in Dubai for company formation and PRO services for business setup in Dubai – permits and licenses, visas, and comprehensive information on how to start your business in Dubai successfully.
Open Bank Account
The establishment and maintenance of a business current account becomes an essential aspect when dealing with financial matters and transactions. It can assist one in streamlining the service and making sure that all the criteria for it are met.
Banking Sector in Dubai: Robust and Diverse
Bank Account Opening Simplified.
Company Liquidation
If the business is no longer viable or liquidate its operations, your company can help the business go through the legal and administrative processes that are needed for the business to close. This ensures that the closure is carried out in an effective and more importantly in a compliant manner.
Smooth and Efficient Liquidation Services
Minimizing Stress and Maximizing Returns.
Trade License
As previous stated, a trade license is an important necessity for a lot of firms. Services provided by your firm can also assist clients in completing the application process and also in understanding and meeting the local regulations.
Expert Trade License Assistance
Streamlined Application and Renewal
PRO Services
PRO services sometimes also deal with official forms for the state and visa-holding documents as well as work permits and other legal documents. Your company can be a support for clients in dealings with bureaucracies that are quite difficult at times.
Efficient Government Liaison
Time and Cost Savings
Brand Protection
You cannot just keep an eye on the company’s IP and trademarks. It is possible to register and protect these assets from misuse by people who do not have permission to use them if your company helps in this process.
Comprehensive Brand Protection Strategies
Proactive Monitoring and Enforcement
Find a sponsor
It is also quite useful in areas where a partnership with a locally based team or sponsorship is a mandatory requirement for any foreign entity. Your company can participate in the search for appropriate sponsors or partners.
Targeted Outreach
Networking and Relationship Building
Seamless Setup in Three Simple Steps
Your comprehensive Business Setup Guide for Dubai: Identifying steps, how-to instructions, and legal and individual support to walk you through the process.
Plan ?
First, engage in the preparation stage with the necessary market research, business definition, and financial preparations.
Register ?
Select a business entity, obtain licences and registers for all the necessary things.
Launch ?
Get your business up and running execute marketing plans and kick off your company officially.