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Set up your business on the dubai mainland.

Entering the fluid economy of Dubai’s mainland for business opportunities is an opportunity to achieve growth and advancement as well as build connections. Using the support of Deals Business Solutions, there is no need to worry about any complications with the registration of your business on the Dubai mainland; you will receive expert assistance throughout the whole process to make full use of the opportunities the UAE market offers.

Mainland business setup in Dubai – Revealing the benefits.
Strategic Market Access

Choose a location in a bustling economic bloc and ensures an easy gateway to the huge UAE and other Middle East markets.

Flexible Business Operations

Benefit from 100% free zone ownership to conduct business without any restrictions on the company’s structure or business activities in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE.

Ease of Doing Business

Take advantage of Dubai’s attractive framework for investment that includes simple and straightforward licensing requirements and minimal bureaucracy as well as transparency in the legal system.

Global Connectivity

Dubai offers its investors convenient access to a well-developed infrastructure and the perfect geographical location at the intersection of East and West to promote international growth.

Diverse Talent Pool

Harness diverse talent and incorporate a global workforce that will add value to your company.

How to Start Your Company in the Mainland of Dubai with Deals Business Solutions.
Customized Business Strategy

Starting with defining the strategy of your business following Dubai’s regulatory environment and market opportunities in a way that is unique to your organization.

Comprehensive Licensing and Registration

From choosing the most appropriate legal entity type to the state permitting process, Deals Business Solutions coordinates full registration to ensure companies comply with the regulations of their jurisdiction.

Location and Infrastructure Setup

Whether you want to set up shop in the glittering towers of Downtown Dubai or close to trucking arteries, we are here to help in acquiring the right place for your business.

PRO and Administrative Services

PRO services take care of all the paperwork for the establishment including application of visa, labor contract, management issues and launch of establishment.

Ongoing Support and Advisory

Although Deals Business Solutions assists in the pre-establishment stage, the latter offers the necessary sustainable development support (including market entry strategy; financial advisory and operational consultancy).

Begin Your Business Journey in Dubai with Confidence

Doing business on the Emirate mainland effectively provides an opportunity to reach greater levels of business performance in the world. If you work with Deals Business Solutions team, you will be able to go through the setup process faster and without any trouble, and fully exploit what Dubai’s market has to offer. Call us to begin working on your dreams for your company’s presence in the Dubai mainland.

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